200 NIS 560 NIS
Clean, strong minimalistic hole ear cuff, that simulator tube extensions.
Non-Piercing is needed for this ear cuff. Perfectly ergonomically designed with a single contact point anchoring it to your ear from the front, and a comfortable hidden "seat" making it secure to wear.
Inspired by tribal culture, the BLACK HOLE collection is a contemporary interpretation of the glorification of body art modification. The idea of temporary extensions in different areas of the body is freeing the individual from the implications of a permanent body modification
The holes in this collection are designed in two different sizes of circles, which are oxidized from within to achieve an illusion of Black Hole extensions. Minimalistic circles define the language of this collection forming elegant structures whose positions are accurately projecting onto the body, leaving the observer wondering what holds them together and where they meet the body
This ear cuff is light for its size, simple to put on, and very secure - you won't have to worry about it slipping off
You can bend the cuff a little with your hands to fit your own ear
- This listing is for a single ear cuff for the LEFT EAR.
Size- 2.5 cm hole, adjustable 
Made of sterling silver.
Available in sterling silver and oxidized sterling silver.
Signature matte "scratchy trashy" finish.
- Packed in a labeled gift box

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